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The White Flower, 1932 by Georgia O'Keeffe

After studying at the Art Institute of Chicago, Georgia O'Keeffe spent time intermittently in New York City, where she met the photographer Alfred Stieglitz, who promoted her art. Though she created images of the urban environment in the 1920s, after 1929 O'Keeffe lived in New Mexico during the summer, and in 1946 she moved there permanently.

Much of her extensive artistic productions became focused on diverse elements of the natural world: animal bones, shells, desert, sky, and most frequently, flowers. She often enlarged flowers, making a single flower dominate the entire pictorial space. With The White Flower,O'Keeffe explores the beauty of nature and emphasizes formal qualities such as shape, color, and line.

Georgia O'Keeffe's Masterpieces

  • Oriental Poppies
    Oriental Poppies
  • Ram's Head with Hollyhock
    Ram's Head with Hollyhock
  • Red Canna
    Red Canna
  • Music Pink and Blue II
    Music Pink and Blue II
  • Flower of Life II
    Flower of Life II
  • Deer's Skull with Pedernal
    Deer's Skull with Pedernal
  • From the Lake
    Abstraction White Rose
  • Autumn Leaves
    Autumn Leaves
  • Cows Skull with Calico Roses
    Cows Skull with Calico Roses
  • Jack in the Pulpit
    Jack in the Pulpit
  • Music Pink and Blue
    Music Pink and Blue
  • Ram's Head, Blue Morning Glory
    Ram's Head, Blue Morning Glory
  • From the Lake
    From the Lake
  • Black Iris
    Black Iris
  • Summer Days
    Summer Days